Advertising high-potential ideas and work: X said something amazing!

Context: Grade 4, light study, small group work leading to an unplanned whole class meeting:

T: Could we all get together for a KB talk (meeting)? S1 just said something that I thought was so amazing. So go ahead.

S1: Well S2 and I had a problem, ‘cause we were reading about how white light shines only the true color of the object it bounces off. She had a problem. She said: “Well, how does the light know which color to bounce off?” And I thought well maybe we can’t see color, maybe we can only see color when light shines on it and bounces off.

S3: Did she write a note about that [in Knowledge Forum]?

In this class, the different students/groups were researching various issues of their interests. The teacher walked around the classroom to observe and occasionally co-participate. He captured the interesting thoughts of S1 and S2 that had a high potential, and called upon all the students to gather for a short meeting.  By doing so, the teacher helped to advertise/spread high-potential ideas and works from some of the students, encouraging further inquiry, and build shared awareness and connections among his students. Following his modeling, S3 also asked whether S1 and S2 had written a  note online yet, showing a sense (norm) that students should use the online space to share important insights or questions.

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