Set focus areas

Each student may set one or more wondering area(s) as his/her focus; students working on shared focus interests forming flexible groups.

1. How to set a focus area?

To set a focus area, right-click the wondering area icon, select “Set as My Focus” as my wondering area. The wondering area will turn into green. Hovering your mouse over the wondering area icon, an info dialog box will pop up, you can see your “group member” who also chose this as their wondering area. You can also change the text color of your wondering area title to make it more noticeable by using the Color Lable function.

set focus area&color the label

2. How to remove a focus area?

To remove a focus area, right-click the wondering area icon. Click “Remove from my Focus”.  The system will update automatically, you will see the wondering area turn back into grey.

remove focus area

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