User Guide

This user guide shows how to access ITM with Knowledge Forum and use the various ITM features to support the different milestone phases of a knowledge-building inquiry. Follow the links to the features to get specific guidance. (Please note that some of the pages about cross-project sharing etc. are yet to be finished)

Before the inquiry starts…

Access ITM with Knowledge Forum

  • Set up a Knowledge Forum (KF) community on a KF hosting server |  (or other server)

Login KF and click the ITM logo cropped-cropped-itmlogo3.jpgon the toolbar to start ITM

Start and manage an ITM Project

During the progressive phases(milestones) of idea improvement…

Engage & Explore

Kick-off an inquiry with an engaging activity to build shared interests, generate questions, and carry out initial exploration and open dialogue.

Wonder, Research, & Reflect

Form and gather around “juicy” wondering areas, generate and improve ideas (theories, designs, solutions) in/across the wondering areas through deep research and collaborative talks, while identifying deeper problems and goals as the work proceeds.

Re-organize/Rise above for Deep Understanding

Expand/re-organize the wondering areas based on new inquiry directions and cross-cutting themes that have emerged, review “big ideas” from different areas for connected insights, and have “super talk” and sharing with other classrooms focusing on challenging issues.