Add/edit Wondering Areas

Each wondering area is a major direction of inquiry (e.g., how do we breathe?), which is identified by the project members based on their interest and emergent problems. Under each area may have one or more idea threads set up for discussing more specific issues (e.g. how lungs work; how air travels through our body).

1. How to add a wondering area?

To add a wondering area in a project, use the visual organizer of areas and threads in the project dashboard (which is the project front page). The teacher(s) of the project can add an area directly following the flowing steps.

  1. Right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac) the project name, click Add Wondering Area.
  2. Input the info, and Save.

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Students can also propose wondering areas using steps 1-2. Their proposal needs to be approved by the teacher in Teacher Space–>Message Center.

2. How to edit a wondering area?
To edit a wondering area, right-click the wondering area, a new dialog box will show up, click “Info” and choose “Edit”. You can add keywords, change titles and overarching questions. Click “Save” to finish.

edit the wondering area

3. How to delete a wondering area?
To delete a wondering area, right-click the wondering area, select “Info” and choose “Delete”, and click “Ok” to complete.

how to delete a wondering area

4. How to restore a wondering area?
To restore a wondering area, you can click the “Recycle bin” cycle in the left bottom corner. Click “Restore” button for the wondering area that you want to restore. It will update automatically.

restore a wondering area

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